Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama for Good

heya there!

i am staring again blank with my PC now... clueless of what to write at the moment but so much to discuss about. i want to write about fashion, movies, music anything that interest. it's been a while making a post here. I've been anticipating on working a nice article to put on this blog. I like writing articles for the record it gives me freedom and enhance my creativity in writing. im not a born writer. i can say im far from a writer with my profession now. Im an engineer by the way. I work in one of the top 3 Telecommunication industry in the Philippines. its just basically a day time job from Monday to Friday. sometimes i feel bored with my job it's not that i am whining but to think that it is routinary but i still have a job when we are having a global crisis now. It has been predicted that many people will loose a job if it is getting worse. So much for the global crisis what being the fuzz now is the new president-elect of the USA. Well i'm very happy about the result of the election even I'm not a US citizen. America needs a change now. I think Obama will make a change in the U.S.A. Do you think so? A black U. S president in the white house is a good start for the U.S.A. I've been planning to work in the U.S for quite sometime but with this global crisis im somewhat discourage to go on. but with the new elected president well im having more hope that everything is gonna be fine and might consider going in the U.S.

I have high expectation with Barack Obama.

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