Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama for Good

heya there!

i am staring again blank with my PC now... clueless of what to write at the moment but so much to discuss about. i want to write about fashion, movies, music anything that interest. it's been a while making a post here. I've been anticipating on working a nice article to put on this blog. I like writing articles for the record it gives me freedom and enhance my creativity in writing. im not a born writer. i can say im far from a writer with my profession now. Im an engineer by the way. I work in one of the top 3 Telecommunication industry in the Philippines. its just basically a day time job from Monday to Friday. sometimes i feel bored with my job it's not that i am whining but to think that it is routinary but i still have a job when we are having a global crisis now. It has been predicted that many people will loose a job if it is getting worse. So much for the global crisis what being the fuzz now is the new president-elect of the USA. Well i'm very happy about the result of the election even I'm not a US citizen. America needs a change now. I think Obama will make a change in the U.S.A. Do you think so? A black U. S president in the white house is a good start for the U.S.A. I've been planning to work in the U.S for quite sometime but with this global crisis im somewhat discourage to go on. but with the new elected president well im having more hope that everything is gonna be fine and might consider going in the U.S.

I have high expectation with Barack Obama.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

trick ot treat!

heya there! well it's almost Halloween but we don't celebrate that much here in our country. we focus on the nov. 1 & 2 holiday. which is the all saint's day and all souls day. people do flock to the cemetery on that days to remember their loved ones. but there are some who adopt that western tradition here. living like a westerner... i don't get it! "trick or treat!" whats the essence of it? i know its a kids stuff thing.but in my own point of view their costumes is not that scary at all. Philippine ghost or scary legendary characters are much more scarier compare to them. Just try to whats those old movies even the new one with a much special suspense trick. now that's what i call a best trick or treat. :) compare to the western traditions their celebration is much more on the fancy side and what's in which focuses soo much on the costumes.

well whatever your traditions are just enjoy the holiday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


hi.. another boring day at work. and a blury one too.. im confused now. wondering if i should let go or not. im in a realtionship now for more than 3 years. we seems to get along pretty much. having survived a distance realtionship for more than a year in that span. but there seems to be an odd thing between us now. i just can't hardly figure it out.we loved each other i guess.Even if we had dispute we do compromise at the end. you see it seems we are meant to be each other. Love always prevail on us no matter what. Am i blinded by the love? overwhelemed with my feeling? is this a healthy relationship? are we growing?

i guess i can say I'm blinded. this is my first relationship. Happy and content with it. I'm a happy go lucky person. I'm easy to pleased with and not complicated at all. does he love me back to? you see in a relationship " you should love and be loved in return" it's give and take genre.
i think my conscience told me to cool of a bit. think a alot! It's hard to let go on someone you love. if its for the beterment of both of us then it should be done. Life is full of surprises.You'll never know who you will end up to unless you take a risk.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Go, Grow & Glow

Good day!
another gloomy day today. loaded with stuff to be done at work. know what gloomy weather makes me sad. it seems that when the dark clouds started to rains something is wrong with our world. do you believe on that stuff? i mean its some kind of a premonition for me. well so much for that hallucination.
Any way, nothing makes my day with a cup of cafe late and a daily dose of "rocket mania". i can't believe i am in to these stuff! It release my stress. do you think this is healthy? i am a health conscious person. i am into a healthy lifestyle. Cause for me health is wealth. lets cheers to a healthy lifestyle! one thing i like to express is that with all milk scare crisis going and food shortage, i think we should stick to our natural resources. no to artificial food. It would just complicate your health.it can be a source of disease that it cost a lot of money to heal. lets just be practical now a days. eat fruits and vegetables and also meats. remember the Go, Grow , Glow foods.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

financial crisis: are you affected?

haler everyone... whats the buzz now? i guess everyone seems disturb with the US financial crises.. i guess i should say its a global crisis cause once the US economy starts tumbling down all nations would be affected. are you affected? i mean are you running out of money? i don't think so.. i think the affected are the wealthy people. if you are wealthy, i guess you are quite affected. afraid to invest on your money due to large bank declaration of bankruptcy. if it hurts so much on the well-off people, what about the poor ones. i think it hurt a bit but hey they had enough suffering trying to elevate life. so its not that big deal. i guess they can say "hey! we are even now." .. lol. :)

when will this end? what do you think is the best solution? do you think that the third world country have a chance to become a first world? such a wild imagination but could be possible.. who knows.. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Human's best friend: cats & dogs

Which is more kind to human or shall i say what is human's best friend? cats? or dogs? well i guess everyone would agree that the dogs. Cause it is very common in the neighborhood and even in movies. But how about cats? they too can be tamed and friendly. both are one of the best. They have different and unique characteristics. Dogs are humanly kind and friendly but considering some species like the German shepherd and doberman are not the very least friendly unless you are his trainer or his master. These kind of dogs has to be trained. Some where sent to a dogs school. While cats are some kind of fuzzy and gentle. They are neat and hugable and the fact is they are cute especially those fury species.

So who do you think is your bestfriend? cats? dogs? or can be both right?
anyone can be right no wrong answer for this. much better is both!
It is funny to think that in everyone's point of view that cats and dogs are unlikely friendly pair. They were the worst enemy! but i would disagree on that cause in our household dogs and cats do cohabitate happily. Our cats and dogs grew up each other. but it was not at all so tender and light. A dispute do exist sometimes and one of the causes are inter species misunderstanding or in short culture indifference. Just like human beings we live in harmony but have different races and cultures. A dispute too exist. But these animals are like peacemakers to our lives. It relieves stress and it understands us.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

meet my chiwawas visitors.. it was my mom and brother birthday. everyone was busy catching up each other then a surprise visitor came.. a newly engaged chiwawas.. imagine they are just two months old? i wonder how small they are when they just a day old.. hehe! well im very fascinated by them. it amaze me.. Dogs are considered man's best friend. this was my first blogg and these chiwawas are the breaker.. more power to them!
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