Sunday, October 19, 2008

financial crisis: are you affected?

haler everyone... whats the buzz now? i guess everyone seems disturb with the US financial crises.. i guess i should say its a global crisis cause once the US economy starts tumbling down all nations would be affected. are you affected? i mean are you running out of money? i don't think so.. i think the affected are the wealthy people. if you are wealthy, i guess you are quite affected. afraid to invest on your money due to large bank declaration of bankruptcy. if it hurts so much on the well-off people, what about the poor ones. i think it hurt a bit but hey they had enough suffering trying to elevate life. so its not that big deal. i guess they can say "hey! we are even now." .. lol. :)

when will this end? what do you think is the best solution? do you think that the third world country have a chance to become a first world? such a wild imagination but could be possible.. who knows.. :)

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