Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Human's best friend: cats & dogs

Which is more kind to human or shall i say what is human's best friend? cats? or dogs? well i guess everyone would agree that the dogs. Cause it is very common in the neighborhood and even in movies. But how about cats? they too can be tamed and friendly. both are one of the best. They have different and unique characteristics. Dogs are humanly kind and friendly but considering some species like the German shepherd and doberman are not the very least friendly unless you are his trainer or his master. These kind of dogs has to be trained. Some where sent to a dogs school. While cats are some kind of fuzzy and gentle. They are neat and hugable and the fact is they are cute especially those fury species.

So who do you think is your bestfriend? cats? dogs? or can be both right?
anyone can be right no wrong answer for this. much better is both!
It is funny to think that in everyone's point of view that cats and dogs are unlikely friendly pair. They were the worst enemy! but i would disagree on that cause in our household dogs and cats do cohabitate happily. Our cats and dogs grew up each other. but it was not at all so tender and light. A dispute do exist sometimes and one of the causes are inter species misunderstanding or in short culture indifference. Just like human beings we live in harmony but have different races and cultures. A dispute too exist. But these animals are like peacemakers to our lives. It relieves stress and it understands us.

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