Monday, October 20, 2008

Go, Grow & Glow

Good day!
another gloomy day today. loaded with stuff to be done at work. know what gloomy weather makes me sad. it seems that when the dark clouds started to rains something is wrong with our world. do you believe on that stuff? i mean its some kind of a premonition for me. well so much for that hallucination.
Any way, nothing makes my day with a cup of cafe late and a daily dose of "rocket mania". i can't believe i am in to these stuff! It release my stress. do you think this is healthy? i am a health conscious person. i am into a healthy lifestyle. Cause for me health is wealth. lets cheers to a healthy lifestyle! one thing i like to express is that with all milk scare crisis going and food shortage, i think we should stick to our natural resources. no to artificial food. It would just complicate your can be a source of disease that it cost a lot of money to heal. lets just be practical now a days. eat fruits and vegetables and also meats. remember the Go, Grow , Glow foods.

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