Wednesday, October 22, 2008


hi.. another boring day at work. and a blury one too.. im confused now. wondering if i should let go or not. im in a realtionship now for more than 3 years. we seems to get along pretty much. having survived a distance realtionship for more than a year in that span. but there seems to be an odd thing between us now. i just can't hardly figure it out.we loved each other i guess.Even if we had dispute we do compromise at the end. you see it seems we are meant to be each other. Love always prevail on us no matter what. Am i blinded by the love? overwhelemed with my feeling? is this a healthy relationship? are we growing?

i guess i can say I'm blinded. this is my first relationship. Happy and content with it. I'm a happy go lucky person. I'm easy to pleased with and not complicated at all. does he love me back to? you see in a relationship " you should love and be loved in return" it's give and take genre.
i think my conscience told me to cool of a bit. think a alot! It's hard to let go on someone you love. if its for the beterment of both of us then it should be done. Life is full of surprises.You'll never know who you will end up to unless you take a risk.

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