Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mommy's Roasted Chicken

I know a lot of people are celebrating Thanksgiving now. But as we Filipinos are not celebrating. Too bad. But we should always be thankful for all the blessings. I know Turkey is the main dish during Thanksgiving. Too bad it’s not that widely available in our market. So to mark the festivities my mother prepares a dish for the family last night of course it’s not tukey. But A simple roasted Chicken!

Here’ the ingredients:

·         whole chicken.
·         half stick of butter.
·         3  tablespoon soy sauce
·         5 tbsps of garlic, chopped.
·         1 tbsp of oreganoshopping list
·         1 tbsp of basil
·         1 tbsp of rosemary
·         rock salt
·         chicken liver (approx. 9 pieces)

How to make it

·         Pre-heat your oven (or turbo broiler) at 125 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.
·         Rub the half stick of butter and the soy sauce all over and inside the chicken.
·         rub the entire chicken with rock salt, including the cavity (quantity of salt depends on your desired saltiness of the chicken)
·         rub the garlic all over the chicken and also on the inside.
·         rub the basil, rosemary and orergano mixture all over the chicken and also inside the chicken cavity.
·         stuff the chicken liver inside the chicken cavity.
·         After pre-heating for 15 minutes, put in the chicken inside the oven or turbo broiler (on top of the elevated grill that comes with the turbo broiler).
·         roast for about an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes. If you are using a turbo broiler, no need to turn the chicken over. To know if your chicken is ready, prick the thigh part and if the fluid running from the thigh is clear, then the chicken is ready.
·         Save the drippings.
·         Cook the drippings with cornstarch, pepper and lemon and serve as dip or sauce for the chicken. Enjoy! Happy Eating and thanksgiving!




Hólabda(Kzella) said...

This looks really delicious food. I love such things!

Cora Duke's Photography said...

I had turkey dinner yesterday!.. but that roasted chicken is looks so good to me right now.. I don't have breakfast yet! :-) have a great day and enjoy your meal Dane.

clark lost said...

Hey, Danes!
I really liked what you wrote!
About thank the good things: "... But We Should Always Be thankful for all the blessings."
And honestly, nothing better than eating a "Mommy's Roasted Chicken" with the family! Congratulations and much happiness for you and your family!
My Sincere Best regards!

Sam D. said...

Don't worry Danes you’re not missing anything because your mom's roasted chicken looks fabulous! By the way thanks for adding my link. I have added your link too. You can find it under my fellow Filipino blogger list. Keep in touch. :-)

Info Komputer dan Gadget said...

i like about this,

icedgurl said...

thanks for visiting my blog! happy blogging!


Nelson said...

Hello my friend! I wish you a lovely weekend full of joy and happiness. Greetings from Brasil! Follow me back please.

mikexplorer said...

hi there.. how are you? have a blessed sunday..

clark lost said...

Hi, Danes! Today, especially in my town is a holiday ... Anniversary of the city! I am taking the opportunity to rest, for tomorrow back to work!
Dear Danes, thank you very much for your invaluable presence on my blog! Kisses on your heart!

Ajangnya orang Sumba berbagi Ilmu Pengetahuan said...

Wow...i like it. mmm...

Blocked Drains Melbourne said...

I like roasted chicken..Your mom's roasted chicken looks like yummy!!! Thanks for sharing it.

TheCuteTigerBaby said... Wish you a very nice weekend filled with
lot of joy. Hugs

Joe Q. Public said...

That looks so good!

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